Haddon Township New Jersey Lacrosse Teams.

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2017 HT Lacrosse Pre-Season Meeting

WELCOME! Over the last 3 years, we have built the HT Lacrosse program on a very strong foundation. Every year our HT Lacrosse FAMILY grows!  More kids, more teams, more opportunities and HT Lax athletes playing in college with more players committing this year.


In 2017, our coaches will be challenging our athletes to EARN THE JERSEY through great effort, passion, teamwork & being coachable.

The goal of HT Lacrosse is to help players:

                        Learn Lax Better, Love Lax More & Stay In Lax Longer!

HT Lacrosse Board - We have a very dedicated Board of VOLUNTEERS that work all year long to support the HT lacrosse program and provide opportunities for players to enjoy lacrosse. NEW volunteers are needed to continue our efforts and strengthen our program.

HT High School Lacrosse

We are looking forward to another season of growth and improvement from our boys and girls programs and hope to see them in the playoffs in May.

Our programs will field competitive teams and prepare our players to continue at the next level if they choose.  PLEASE come out to support our HS teams!

            Introduction of HS Coaches – Julie Sullivan & Shane McCann

HT Lacrosse: Key Principles, Policies, Procedures

  • US Lacrosse continues to work to expand the game and assist local clubs like HT Lacrosse to increase opportunities locally.
    • US Lacrosse is implementing changes in rules of play by age group as well as naming of age groups: U15 = 14U
    • We seek to increase the % of our coaches that are certified by US Lacrosse! Many of our coaches participate in year round coaching education, clinics, workshops and the US Lacrosse National Convention
    • US Lacrosse has a written Code of Conduct & Sportsmanship and we all sign the code of conduct as parents
    • The goal is to improve as players, teammates and a program as we Honor the Game
  • Pick Up Drop Off
    • We are privileged to live in a great community of super people
    • For the protection of coaches, parents & kids, this is our policy
    • Parents agree to remain w/ a coach & remaining players to prevent coach from being left w/ ‘last’ player at practice/game
  • Concussions
    • Mutual Empowerment- Coach & Parent (Scenario-both, coach & parent) See our website: www.hthawkslax.com
    • HS process – Impact
    • US Lacrosse – Resources on their website www.uslacrosse.org
  • Playing Time
    • Everyone will play!  BUT….
    • Attendance & Effort will influence playing time
    • Upper ages: game readiness and safety are a factor
  • Fields & Practice locations
    • We are renting and borrowing fields
    • Our future utilization of these facilities relies on how well we treat them
      • Trash, clean up, water bottles, sidelines, etc.
        • Who’s job is this?
      • Patience when dropping off and picking up at high volume times
      • Being kind and appreciative to others in the community where we are using the fields
      • We want the reflection upon HT Lacrosse to be POSITIVE
  • Home & Away Games
    • Lacrosse is an exciting sport and games should be hard fought and competitive
    • HT Lax will be the most POSITIVE & encouraging fans in SJ!
    • Home and away games SHOULD have a Sideline Manager who is responsible for any difficulties or issues with inappropriate fan behavior
    • Lax is a social sport and should bring out the best in our fans and our opponents fans as well.
    • NO ALCOHOL at any HT Lax games – no exceptions!
    • Do not bring grills unless you have permission in writing from the host town or tournament
  • Communication w/ Coaches
    • We are fortunate to have excellent coaches at all levels!
    • Our coaches are volunteering to teach our kids this great sport!
    • Please respect our coaches, especially just before, during and immediately following games or practices
    • If you have an issue with any coach you wish to discuss, please contact the coach 24 hours after your concern and request to have a calm and respectful discussion
    • If this is not feasible, please feel free to contact me directly


  • Equipment
    • Girls are required to have a stick, goggles, mouthpiece and cleats.
    • Boys are required to have a stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, cup, mouthpiece and cleats
    • Our DICK’S SPORTING GOODS -20% day is a good place to purchase needed equipment
    • HerSport in Cherry Hill will discount Girls Lax gear for you if you tell them HT Lax sent you. Better quality offerings for similar prices
    • Play It Again Sports – Used equipment is available. Make sure it’s only a few years old and NOCSAE certified
    • Craigslist, Amazon, Lax.com, Sportstop.com, etc. Lots of sales and deals on-line
    • **Tip: Spend money on custom stringing rather than an expensive shaft/stick**

Financial Facts & Figures:

  • We are a self-funded program from top to bottom
  • HT Lax knows you have made a financial commitment
  • HT Lacrosse is among the lowest fees of competitive programs in SJ
  • Finances - Our goal is to:
    • Keep fees as low as possible
    • Increase playing opportunities, games, tournaments, indoor
    • Provide all required equipment for games
    • Provide flexible and affordable uniform options
    • Grow our program
      • 1 week of ref fees will average $1000+ for our youth teams
      • Youth Tournaments are $500-1200 per team
      • An HS Bus is $200-300 per away game
      • HS Ref fees are $300 for a home JV & V game
  • We closed 2016 with a positive balance due to excellent fundraising results! Let’s keep up the momentum!


  • Please register ASAP if you have not done so already!
  • Flexible payment options are available
  • Any issues can be directed to Treasurer & registration expert Doug Vernon

Calendar of Events & Fundraising

  • 2/11 Dick’s Sporting Goods Cherry Hill: 20% Discount Day (all day)
  • 2/22 Franco’s Dine & Donate (all day)
  • 3/25 Coin-Drop 11-2
  • 3/23 – 4/7 Cookie Dough Sale
  • 4/29 - 2017 HT Lacrosse Social – Adults only, sorry kids!
  • HTHS Boys & Girls Lacrosse Double Header on 5/5
  • SJYLL Season Ending Tournament: June 3(boys) & 4(girls)
    • All players must plan on attending & playing to represent HT Lax!
    • Finish the season w/ a GREAT day of tournament play with your team


Volunteer Opportunities

We NEED Volunteers! There are many opportunities for parents to get involved, see the several different sign-up sheets for volunteers:

  • Team Managers – assists team with communication, events, socials, etc.
  • Cookie Order Counter/Assistant
  • Social Committee-lots of opportunities like: Set up, event help, donation solicitation, Basket Wrappers, Volunteers during the social, clean up
  • Field Lining & Site Managers for games
  • Clean up & Coin Drop

Hawks Lacrosse PRIDE

A few key items before we break up into TEAMs:

  • 2 HT Lax shirts are available tonight:
    • HT Pride Shirt – EARN THE JERSEY
      • We are asking ALL players to wear them to school tomorrow, Tuesday February 7th!! Let’s have a great showing in the hallways!
  • Be sure to pick up your St Patrick’s Day HT Lax shirts / We want all the kids to wear them to school on Friday March 17th, St Patrick’s Day.
  • Communication via REMIND, Twitter, FB & Instagram
    • Sign up for your team’s REMIND Text Alerts given to you by your coach
    • AND the HTLAX PROGRAM REMIND: HT Lax Remind Text Alerts - All teams!!  All parents should text @htlax20 to 81010
    • Twitter: @htlacrosse
    • Insta: @hawkslacrosse
    • FB: Haddon Township Lax


Team Meeting Locations:

  • See signs posted on tables
  • When you are in your TEAM meeting, be sure to sign in!


Take a selfie in front of our HT Lacrosse backdrop before you go and don’t forget to ‘tag’ HT Lacrosse on Twitter, FB, & Insta!


HT Lacrosse: Learn Lax Better, Love Lax More & Stay In Lax Longer!