Haddon Township New Jersey Lacrosse Teams.

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Lacrosse is a sport that by nature blends athletic talent with the artistic ability to make things happen at any moment and from any position.

This ancient sport requires explosive power, strength, quickness, endurance and durability.


When you play lacrosse, you need the speed to break away from your defender, the ability to fend off blows with your opponent’s stick and the ability to 

concentrate on putting the lacrosse ball in the goal even when your are fatigued.

The ability to maintain your form and succeed in a long game requires as much mental toughness as it does physical strength.


For most high schools, lacrosse season starts in late March, early April. That means that the preseason starts in late February at the latest, with scrimmages beginning in mid-March. With those facts, your lacrosse conditioning should have started in mid-December.

Many lacrosse coaches want you to log some long-distance runs to begin your conditioning. That is where we will start. If you are getting back into shape, do time-focused long runs three to four times a week.